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hh goat imaginary friend is TOP ALBUM Sept. 2019!

"To put it bluntly The Harry Harrison is one of the more original artists I have heard in recent memory. Some of the talent resides in the fact that behind the highly inventive and contemporary sounding production are songs with melodies that would sound good stripped down. Highly Recommended."



Beyond the Music: Harrison & Wentz

Coast OBX Magazine 2019

Story and Photographs  by Scott Sechman


When I arrived on the Outer Banks, (3½ years ago), I was already familiar with Harry Harrison, having watched a live acoustic performance in California via the long-dead Meerkat live streaming app. I’d also caught an electric show at a pizza joint in Nags Head, while I was on vacation here. I didn’t know at the time that the other guitarist who was onstage with Harrison was Matt Wentz.

Since my arrival here, I have seen Harrison and his compatriots in a variety of settings and configurations. Always good. Always engaging. Always Harry.

So I was extremely interested when I heard about a new musical project by the Tills frontman and one of Zack Mexico’s guitarists, Matt Wentz.

After all, being a big fan of Harry’s and mightily impressed by the collective talents of Zack Mexico at their live shows, I figured this should be given my attention.

I am intrigued by their proposed “Harrison & Wentz Presents: A Bewitching Night of Mystic Tropicalia” moniker. This time, I opted to not proffer my standard interview questions and just attempt to find out what’s up, what’s new and what they have to say about it.

So, here’s Harry’s overview:

Coastal OBX Magazine

Story and Photographs  by Scott Sechman


If you’ve been coming to the Outer Banks recently and like to catch live music at any one of the numerous venues that feature it, you just may have been exposed to Harry Harrison.

Singer, songwriter, guitarist, novelist and modern music historian of the first order. A veritable Renaissance Man. South Carolinian by birth, North Carolinian by osmosis and somewhat interplanetary by reputation.

There’s nobody on the beach quite like him. There’s nobody in the world quite like him. It’s not a stretch. Who else can whip out Dylan’s “Visions of Johanna,” and follow it up with a Fats Waller tune, and follow that with a top drawer original? His performances can range from touching to spellbindingly manic as he navigates the musical waters of the 20th century and steers us into the 21st century...

Outer Banks Magazine

On the trail of a musical gypsy

Story by Laura Martier

Photographs by Gayle Tiller

Every so often someone passes through our Outer Banks world and creates such a rumbling that the reverberations last a long time.

About three years ago, Harry Harrison landed here in a broken-down van, with only a guitar, a bunch of original songs and a head full of ideas. We haven’t been the same since.

To prepare for this article, I asked my Facebook community to describe Harrison, and the response was huge. People described him as being as funny as he is musical, with a miles-deep bag of references and influences, like a Hawking of Name that Tune, the bastard son of Steven Wright and Mozart with a side order of George Martin. They said he is an old soul with new ideas, a brilliant musician and wordsmith, a diminutive musical giant...